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Lost Caverns of Ixalan Corporate League

Updated: Mar 6

Embark on a thrilling expedition into the heart of 'Lost Caverns of Ixalan' and connect with fellow adventurers from various Utah-based companies! Forge new alliances in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, with no relics left unturned. Our journey begins on Monday, November 20th, 2023, and continues until Friday, December 15th, 2023, culminating in our grand expedition finale on Saturday, December 17th. Join us on this daring quest!

Lost Caverns of Ixalan

All play aside, come join us for a great opportunity to connect and network with other professionals in a fun an casual way. Like a corporate Softball league, but with Magic the Gathering!

What is a Magic: The Gathering Corporate League?

A league in Magic: The Gathering is a month-long tournament using sealed packs from a given set. Each player starts with the same number of packs and builds a 40 card deck. In our case, we start with a pre-release kit. Over the course of four weeks, people may add more packs. Excluding the first week, one pack can be added each Monday and one pack for each 3 losses up to a maximum of 12 packs total. Games are played best-of-one and players are encouraged to not play the same person twice in a row.

Corporate League Final Tournament

This format works well for networking! Whether you are new to the game or have played for years, it doesn't matter. Each person gets a random set of cards from the same number of sealed packs. League games are best-of-one and can play quickly allowing them to fit in your schedule. League members can play people at their own company, meet and play with other companies, or play against each other online over Discord. Playing as many people as you can helps to vary things up and meet new players across the league.

As the league progresses, when someone wins a game they will record that game through a link provided after the league begins. Stats will show on the league page (see our past league pages here).

At the end of the league, we will hold a tournament for players from all companies to come and compete for the trophy and the glory that comes with being the corporate champions of the set. Winners will have their company name, the set, and date put on a plaque on the trophy and the opportunity to display the trophy until the next set. In addition, we will have a small number of promo cards to give out to people who participated throughout the league. These will go to people who played the most unique opponents, changed their deck colors the most often, etc. Finally, while we have supplies we will have a random promo for each participant in the final tournament. Remember though, in order to get a promo card, you must be present at the final tournament!

When Do Things Happen?

For this league, games will begin Monday, November 20th and run through Friday, December 15th. Weekly packs go out on November 27st, and December 4th and 11th. The final will be held on December 16th, time and location yet to be determined. Packs are opened on the honor system, but speaking from experience you will enjoy the league more as you stick to the schedule.

Corporate Chandra
Corporate Chandra

Join the Discord Server

Make sure you join the Discord server to get details as we go along, find others to play, or even promote openings your company may have! To get a link to join the server, please email

How Do I Play on Discord?

With the world as it is, many of us are now used to video conferencing. Playing a game of Magic: The Gathering over something like Discord or SpellTable is just as easy. You will need a computer with a camera setup where your play surface is visible. You can use our discord channel to find others who are looking for a game and go from there

Other Ways to Play?

Are you not able to play in person and don't have the setup to play over webcam? There are still ways you can play! You are welcome to enter your deck into and play that way. Alternatively, if you have the cards in Magic: The Gathering Arena and so does your opponent, you are welcome to play that way as well.

Working Remotely or Not in Utah?

Not a problem! We are playing games over Discord! If you can get access to a pre-release kit and 6 other packs (Either from your local game store, Game Grid in Lehi, Paragon City Games) and you have access to the internet and a webcam, we invite you to join Game Grid's Discord server and play games with us that way!

Join as an Independent

Tournament Winners

Are you not with a company or are there not 3 or more from your company? Not a problem! We will have a number of people playing as independents (Someone not a part of a team from a company). You can participate for the league during the month over discord or in person. If you are interested in participating in the final tournament, join with other independents to create a new team or join an existing company's team. As a note, the last team to win was the 'Enso Rings/NICE CXone/Qualtrics' team!

How do I Join?

If you are interested in joining, fill out this form and/or reach out to to get your name on the list. You will need to purchase a pre-release kit + 6 additional packs. Hope to see you on Discord!

How do I get my Packs?

To start you need a pre-release kit and six additional packs making twelve total. You may purchase them from any source you like. We do run a bulk buy from Game Grid in Lehi. To sign up for that, follow the details on the form. You will pick up the packs from Game Grid in Lehi or you may arrange to pick the packs up for an entire company with Mike Swensen from Tech Networking and Games. How and when those packs are opened is determined as stated above.

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