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Core 2021 Corporate League!

I know what you are thinking! We are literally just finishing up our Ikoria League today, with our Finals tournament starting on Monday. Usually we have a month and a half between one league and another! How can we be talking about our Core 2021 Corporate League already?!

Well, with everything going on in the world Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths League was delayed. Core 2021 is coming out back on the regular schedule! So to stay on the same schedule as the new Magic the Gathering sets coming out, we are going to be kicking off Core 2021 league at the release of this set! What is a Magic League?

A league in Magic is a month long tournament using sealed packs from a given set. Each player starts with the same number of packs, and builds a 40 card deck. Over the course of the month, people may add more packs one per week, and one for each 3 losses up to a cap of 12 packs total. Games are played best of one, and players are encouraged to not play the same person twice in a row.

This format works well for networking! Everyone is on an even playing field, whether you are new to the game, or have played for years we all have the same number of packs. With best of one games, and not playing the same person twice in a row, games are quick and you end up playing a large variety of people.

At the end of the league, we have typically held a tournament for players from all companies to come and compete for the company trophy and the glory that comes with being the corporate champions of that set. With things still in the air with social distancing and all that is going on, we will plan to do the final the same way as Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, meaning a week long tournament through Discord. If things improved enough, we will move to an in store final.

For this league, games will begin Monday, July 6th and run through Friday, July 31th. Weekly packs go out on July 13th, July 20st, and July 27th.

Not in Utah? Not a problem!

If you can get access to a prerelease kit and 6 other packs (Either from your local game store or from Game Grid in Lehi) and you have access to the internet and a web cam, we will invite you to join Game Grid's discord server and you can play games with us that way!

Not with a company or not 3 or more from your company? Not a problem!

We will have a number of people playing as independants. You can particpate for the league during the month, and if you are interested in participating in the final tournament, join with other independents to create a team, or join with another company!

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining, reach out to technetworkingandgames@gmail.com to get your name on the list. You will need to purchase a prerelease kit + 6 additional packs. How and when those packs are opened are determined as stated above. Hope to see you on Discord!

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