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Corporate Magic League - Theros, Beyond Death

It's that time again! Come join other tech companies in a tournament fit for the gods with the Theros, Beyond Death Corporate Magic League! Meet others in technical fields in your area, and compete to bring home the Nicol Bolas trophy for this round!

What is a Magic League?

A Magic League is a tournament style many local game stores run with each new set. We alter it slightly to best fit a work environment and the needs of our group. During the league, each participant builds a deck and plays on their schedule over the course of four weeks to refine that deck. They start with three packs from the set being played, then as they play, for each three games they lose, they can add another pack to their card pool. At the beginning of each week after the first, each player may also add a pack to their pool. Optionally, at the beginning of the league the company may choose to draft the cards, or hold a draft in addition to the original three packs with three more packs. For the purpose of the multi company league, we cap each player at twelve packs. Cards obtained outside of the twelve sealed packs cannot be added to the pool, and players cannot trade cards during the event.

Decks have a forty card minimum, and games played during the league should be best of one. Please try to avoid having the same players play against each other twice in a row. This is both helps limit the time a game takes to make lunch games quick and easy to fit in, and encourages players to network with others within your company throughout the event.

At the end of the four weeks, we will schedule a cross company tournament, where each participating company will be invited to come and play in a three round swiss style tournament using their league decks. The company with the highest total score among their top five ranking players wins and can take the corporate league trophy and have their company name, set name, and date put on the trophy!

How Does My Company Join?

We ask that your company have a minimum of three participants. Also, you will need to supply your own cards, we recommend going through Game Grid in Lehi, but however you choose to purchase the packs is fine. They do need to be sealed packs of Theros, Beyond Death, no repacks or loose product. Would your company be willing to host the final tournament? Show off your space and have the home field advantage? Let us know when you sign up and we can work out the final location. To sign up for your company to join the Theros, Beyond Death League, please fill out our sign up form.

Final Note

The Theros, Beyond Death league will kick off Monday, January 27th and will end Friday, February 28th. You are welcome to join now, or anytime during those four weeks to be eligible to come to the corporate tournament. The final tournament will be held on Friday, February 28th or some day the week after, further details to come as the date gets closer. If your company wins first, second, or third place you will be given a trophy to hold until the next league tournament. The first place trophy does have space for you to add a small plaque with your accomplishment to it. We ask that you return the trophy no later than the third week of the next league.

Overall, Magic Leagues are a great, casual way to build connections within your own company or organization, and your network outside of it. We hope to see you join us! For any questions, please email

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