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Making Us Better Through Games

The joke in my family is that when people are around, we have to 'hurry up and have fun'. This was my mother's way of telling us to all work together to get our chores done so that we could play a game together. This became such a part of me, that I often joke that I don't know how to have a conversation without cards, dice, or game pieces in my hands.

Tabletop games have had a huge impact on my life. They have helped me feel connected with my parents and siblings during my teenage years. I use them now to bond with my children, and they have inspired the creation of this group. Even now, it doesn't feel like we've properly visited any member of my family until we've played some sort of game.

I feel games have made me a better person. They have helped me get through some hard times. The personal interactions and skills I developed while playing games are certainly a huge part of who I am today.

I mentioned all of this, because I recently re-read an article on how games can improve our personal relationships. What is networking other than building professional relationships?

Sure, what you know is important, but the more time I spend in the professional world, the more I realize that it isn't enough. How you share what you know makes a big difference. In order to network well, the people in your network need to be able to trust your knowledge. That kind of relationship takes time and effort to build. What better way to build those relationships, than over a gaming table?

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